All the martial arts you need to fight, survive and thrive while humanity goes the way of the dodo.

Dodo (noun): Extinct bird, symbol for the Apocalypse.
Do (Japanese): Martial art, spiritual path, as in "Ju-Do" or "Aiki-Do"

About these Techniques

All Dodo-Do techniques are applications of Aiki-Do techniques to survival during the Apocalypse. They work against Vampires, Mutants, Zombies and basically everything that the Apocalypse will throw at you.

Please study these techniques if you want to survive!

Sankyo against a Vampire’s Ikkyo

We assume that Vampires will learn Aikido so that they can protect themselves agains a stake to the heart. Fortunately, mastering Aikido requires inner peace and harmony, which Vampires cannot attain, so a Dodo-Do practitioner will be able to turn their Aiki-Do techniques against them, as shown here.

New Head of Chemical Research

We welcome Fabienne, our Head of Chemical Research. Her research will contribute to understanding our enemies. She has extensive experience in getting great results with limited budget, and we will make sure to supply her with all the equipment we can get at the prices we can afford.

Also, her university connections will allow us access to more resources.

If you want to volunteer for helping her, leave a comment! You will be facing a new existence full of thrills and discovery!

New Head of Electrical Research

At dodo-do, we like to know our enemies. Our research division aims to find out as much about Zombie-ism and Vamirism as we can without top-secret underground labs.

Marc is our new head of all electric research. He will help us understand the electrical conditions that makes brains and muscles work on in undead bodies. With this understanding, we can better prepare for the Apocalypse.

Marc’s first task will be to create an affordable, yet effective research facility and staff it with volunteers from all over the world. If you want to participate in our research, please leave a comment (this will store your email address, but not publish it on the site). Participation requires commitment and flexibility, so we are looking forward to hear from people who want to leave their current existence behind and embrace something new and different!

Sankyo against a Vampire grabbing your Stick

If you have to put a stick into a Vampire, then why not use a long stick? – This will in most cases allow you to kill the Vampire before it even gets close (and without relying on any Martial Arts knowledge). On the rare occasion where the Vampire succeeds in grabbing the stick, this Sankyo technique will quickly throw him to the ground, where he is entirely at your mercy.

Kote Gaeshi against Psychos

Not everyone has the inner strength and the balance of a Dodo-Do practitioner, so we expect a lot of minds to snap during the Apocalypse. This means that you should be prepared to be attacked by Psychos, probably with knives. Kote Gaeshi is a very effective (and purifyingly painful) way to deal with them, as shown here.

Nikyo against Vampires

This technique shows you how to defend yourself when you are attacked by a Vampire who grabs your arm before you can draw your stake (we recommend to have a stake on you at all times). Nikyo is extremely painful and was used by the Samurai when somebody tried to grab their sword. Properly done, it can break a wrist, so be careful when training this!